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Buffalo Wild Wings vegan is known for being the world’s most vegan-friendly restaurant. No, I’m not serious. In case you didn’t know, Battlefield: World isn’t exactly a vegan’s paradise. Even so, there are still a few choices if you know where to search.

In Buffalo Wild Wings with beef shortening vegan options:

  • Pretzel with a Big Twist (Without Cheese);
  • Soup or Salad (Without Cheese or Croutons);
  • Carrot sticks and/or Celery Veggie Boat;
  • Oranges from China (Kids Menu);
  • Slaw, White Rice, and Veggies Wraps, with or without a Drink (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic).

However, BWW’s fried dishes, such buffalo wild wings fries and chips, aren’t vegan because they’re made with fried in beef fat shortening. The egg patty in the black bean burger makes it non-vegan as well.

Menu of Buffalo Wild Wings that is Vegan

According to the BWW allergen and preparation instructions, no BWW food can be certified as vegan, guacamole vegetarian, or gluten-free because of the numerous suppliers they utilize. However, we can still create a vegan dinner based on the things we know are vegan.

Big Twist Pretzel (Without Cheese)

Thank goodness for soft pretzels that are cruelty-free. Since all the  vegan options listed below are vegetables or low-calorie snacks, having a starchy option like this pretzel is welcome.

Is there anything to say about those Pretzel Knots? Recently, BWW has introduced “pretzel knots” to its menu. They are not vegan when ordered with the customary dipping cheese and honey mustard. According to the BWW allergy menu, they also contain eggs. I’m not sure if these are vegan-friendly, but it’s worth asking. Consult with your waitstaff.

Side Salad (No Cheese or Croutons)

Specifying that you do not want any cheese or croutons when ordering a side salad at BWW will make it vegan. Despite the fact that it’s a small salad, this is a healthy alternative.

You can also ask them to add some avocado to your salad, which will provide you with healthy fats even if you don’t season it.

I am sure that in addition to eating salads in a restaurant, you also cook them at home. I have for you a very simple but useful device that will greatly simplify the preparation of a salad.

There’s also a more complicated option at B-dubs called the Santa Fe Salad, which includes ingredients like corn, pico de gallo and avocado. The ranch dressing, chicken, and cheese are all part of the package as well. There are vegan options available, so it’s worth asking about them.

Carrots and Celery Boat

Enjoy this easy vegan side dish. If you want carrot and celery sticks, you can get them separately or in a combo order. It contains milk, so skip the ranch dressing.

Other vegan dipping sauces are listed below, or you can bring your own dipping sauce if you have a favorite. (Peanut butter, on the other hand, sounds delicious and best nutrition.)

Mandarin Oranges

On the kids’ menu you’ll find mandarin oranges, which are little more than a mini-orange or a clementine. They’re little and simple to remove from the cling film.

When I was at an event, the only vegan food they supplied was a bag of mandarin oranges, which I ate in one sitting. It wasn’t a bad way to spend my free time, to be honest. It’s fantastic that BWW has such a wide variety of these on available.

Collapsible colander is ideal for washing vegetables and fruits, including tangerines.


Coleslaw is a tasty vegan side dish. If you go by the allergen menu, this appears to be vegan. However, you should confirm this with your waitress before ordering.

White Rice

Plain white rice is available as an accompaniment at some BWW locations. Some of the vegan sauces listed below could be used to amp up the flavor of this dish. Rice on the allergen menu is listed as “Hawaii only,” so you won’t find it elsewhere. A second source of starch, on the other hand, would be a huge advantage.

Vegan Sauces and Seasonings

Buffalo Wild Wings vegan uses mostly vegan sauces and seasonings. Alternatively, you might use them to season rice, dip soft pretzels, or even carrots and celery in (if that is appealing).

Sauces that are made without animal products:

  • BBQ Adobo Sauce, Caribbean Jerk, Asian Zing, and Hot Hot BBQ;
  • The Jalapeno Jammin’;
  • Sweet BBQ Sauce with Mango Habanero from Nashville;
  • Teriyaki/Wild.

Although they sound like they could be, the following items are not vegan: Medium, Mild, Original Buffalo wild wings Sauce, Spicy Garlic, and Thai Curry.

Dry Seasonings for Vegans:

  • BBQ Rub with Chipotle Flavoring;
  • Seasoning for the Desert with Hot Chili Peppers;
  • Seasoning with Lemon and Pepper;
  • Vinegar and Salt Seasoning;
  • Buffalo Seasoning is not vegan-friendly.


Even Mountain Dew, as detailed in my comprehensive piece on Mt. Dew, is vegan at BWW. For the most part, vegans should avoid expecting to eat a lot at BWW. Instead, relax with a few beverages and the game vegan drink options.

Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic vegan beverages are available at BWW.

Sugar-free Beverages:

  • Coca-Cola;
  • Mountain Dew;
  • Pepsi;
  • Dr. Pepper;
  • Smirnoff;
  • Sprite Diet;
  • The PepsiCo brand (may not be vegan, weirdly);
  • ice tea with no sugar.

Hand-Shaken Beverages:

  • Black Cherry Lemonade with Basil Cucumber Fizz;
  • Lemonade with Blueberries and Mint Added;
  • Passionfruit Strawberry Lemonade with Nojito Syrup.

Alcoholic drinks

The drink that contain alcohol: A vast range of cocktails, wine, and beers can be found here. The majority of these products are vegan, however some (particularly wines) may not be as isinglass or other non-vegan options fining agents are used in their production (from fish).

Whole-Food Plant-Based Options

The whole-food plant-based (WFPB) options are always included in my vegan guides to chain eateries. It’s fascinating because the majority of vegan options food is fried or otherwise unhealthy.

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a WFPB menu:

  • a plate of salad as a complement to the (no cheese or croutons);
  • Celery and carrots;
  • the citrus fruit mandarin;
  • Slaw.

Avocado, lettuce, tomato, pico de gallo, and jalapeno peppers are some of the available vegetable toppings.

The food here is superior to that of several eateries. But there’s no denying that it’s far from ideal. White rice and soft pretzels are good processed grain options if you’re looking to broaden your horizons.

Frequently Asked Vegan Questions at BWW

For those who still have questions, here are some more often asked ones:

Is the Black Bean Burger patty from Buffalo Wild Wings vegan?

The Buffalo Wild Wings Black Bean Burger is not vegan. Due to the fact that the patty contains eggs, it cannot be requested as vegan.

Are Buffalo Wild Wings’ fried pickles vegan?

Buffalo Wild Wings’ Fried Pickles are not vegan. All of the fried foods at Buffalo Wild Wings are made with beef shortening. The batter for the Fried Pickles is likely made with eggs, and a dairy-based sauce is included with each order.

What About Cauliflower Wings at BWB?

Cauliflower wings, seitan wings, and other vegan options fake meats are unavailable at Buffalo Wild Wings. Even though they serve a southwestern black bean burger, the patties contains eggs, so it’s not vegan.

Is it oil or beef fat that Buffalo Wild Wings use to frying their chicken?

Every fried item at Buffalo Wild Wings is made with beef shortening. You’ll find all of these in addition to the tortilla chips and the french fries.

Homemade Vegan Buffalo Wild Wings: An Easy Recipe to Try

If you want vegan wings, not just vegan sides, you should consider making them yourself. You can find a ton of vegan wing recipes online. They’re typically cooking using seitan (a high-protein vegetarian meat substitute) or cauliflower (low in calories).


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