This delicious iced oat milk latte recipe is everything you need to combat the summer heat. This iced caramel latte with oat milk latte is created using instant coffee and oat milk. It’s very simple to make yet it’s so smooth and aromatic like the coffee you get at your local shop. The best part is that it’s dairy-free and vegan iced coffee, and is ready in two minutes.


For this easy and simple iced oatmilk iced latte coffee with oat milk using Oat milk, I’m using instant coffee. And for me, it’s equally great, if not even better.

Have you ever had an iced latte made with instant coffee grains on the market? If not, then I guarantee you it will be a game changer for you.

Is oat milk good in iced coffee?

How to make iced oat milk latte? How to make iced coffee with oat milk? Typically, oatmilk coffee, iced latte with oatmilk iced coffee milk is made using espresso, however not everyone can make time to brew fresh coffee or has expresso machines in their homes. To make it easy and convenient, we can you put oat milk in coffee make use of instant coffee grains which are made from coffee beans that have been brewed.

Great healthy drink with chocolate flavor, you can also use it instead of coffee.


Oat milk cold brew recipe is bubbly and foamy when blended , and that’s the reason it’s perfect for making lattes. It is the most nutritious alternative to coffee and lattes since it has a taste that is similar to milk lattes. It has a thick consistency opposed to other milks made from plants with a sweet, slightly sweet flavor.

So, without further delay, coffee with oatmilk, let’s make a refreshing latte using ice and oatmeal best milk for iced latte.


To make this iced oat coffee you will require

Oat milk: oat milk coffee recipe can be the most dairy-free milk you can use to make an latte since it’s thick and creamy. It’s also foamy. You can make it a substitute for other dairy-free milks like soy or almond. I would not recommend coconut milk in coffee due to its taste. You can also make half and half of oat or coconut milk. It’ll be more rich and more creamy.

Instant Coffee Like I said in the past, most lattes are made from espresso. But, if you’re not a coffee lover, you can skip the entire procedure by making instant coffee. This is my personal preference and you could also use expresso or cold or cold brew coffee with oat milk.

Sugar White sugar is what I use because it aids in making the froth while beating the sugar with coffee. However, if you wish to make it sugar-free , feel at ease using the syrup of maple syrup or agave.

Ice It is possible to make use of plain ice, as well as coffee cubes if are concerned about the coffee getting diluted down by the melting of the ice.

Toppers:You could make the dish smoother by adding some chopped black chocolate, cashew or dark chocolate.

HOW TO MAKE oat milk iced LATTE

  1. Begin by mixing instant sugar and coffee in a bowl. Pour over 3-4 tablespoons of water that is room temperature then mix. Utilizing a whisk makes the process faster and simpler. Mix until the color of the coffee changes and the sugar and coffee granules have been dissolved and form an emulsion-like consistency. It can take anywhere from 2-3 minutes.
  2. Then add cold water, and mix it with a hand beater.
  3. After that, add your Soy Milk and mix it further until it becomes fluffy. You can also froth your milk using a blender. Simply use the blender on a medium speed for 30-40 minutes.
  4. In the glass serving, add ice cubes, then pour over the iced coffee. serve
  5. Mix in some dairy-free coffee cream foam to give it a rich taste and sprinkle some dark chocolate shavings to top it off. Stir it all up and serve.


Oat milk iced coffee oat milk recipe coffee is more difficult to blend than dairy milk because due to its low fat content. But, we can achieve an adequate amount of froth with oat milk lattes due to its thick consistency. It is important to buy oat milk and coffee that is rich and suitable to coffee. Oatly and Silk offer a variety of great options to test.

How to make an iced oat milk latte?

How to use oat milk in coffee? How to make coffee with oat milk? How to make oat milk latte? To Froth the oat milk in coffee, best milk for iced coffee it is necessary to make air bubbles inside it. We can do this using the help of a hand blender, the frother or ninja blender hand whisk or making those air bubbles simply by shaking the milk inside mason jars for around an hour or for a few minutes. Be sure to utilize the oat milk recipe for coffee as quickly after you have created the froth since it won’t last for long as that dairy milk milk froth is left.


  1. If you’re a serious coffee drinker, make a cup of coffee and store your coffee into an ice-cube tray for make use of instead of ice cubes and relish the coffee’s strong flavor until the very last sip.
  2. You can always add flavorings to your coffee, vanilla iced latte with oat milk recipe for coffee, iced latte with oat milk calories, such as vanilla extract for an, iced vanilla oat milk latte, iced vanilla latte with oat milk, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup as well as pumpkin spice.
  3. It is possible to froth milk by shaking it up in the mason jar.
  4. It is possible to make an espresso and sugar mix and store it in the fridge for three days or more. Then mix it with oatmeal milk at any time you require.
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