Plant Based Diet Guide

When it comes to losing weight many people wonder what diet is really the best. There are so many diet plans, ideas, and fads that it really is hard to tell. Some of the diet ideas and fads out there going around are not safe. They deprive the body of food and use starvation as a means to lose unwanted weight. This is dangerous. You should never starve yourself to lose weight. It’s just not healthy or effective.

The Plant Based Diet Is Good For You

You want to successfully lose weight in a healthy way without feeling starved or deprived. This article is a brief guide to the plant-based diet. The plant-based diet is a healthy way to lose weight that will not leave you feeling hungry all the time. It is a diet plan that is actually remarkable good for you.

Am I Becoming a Vegetarian?

Oftentimes people think of the plant-based diet as the same as becoming a vegetarian. It is not the same. The concept is close to that of veganism but vegans consume no animal products at all. They do not believe in eating eggs, milk, cheese, butter, etc. They do not eat ,eat at all. The plant-based diet allows some animal products to be consumed in moderation.

You may have eggs with your breakfast and spread butter on your toast. You may enjoy any seafood, poultry, milk, or other animal product, just in moderation. Small serving sizes of these foods is best because they do contain those fats that cause weight gain. However, the body does need some of these fats to remain healthy. The plant based diet is all about healthy food consumption. Eat well, lose weight and be well.

Follow This Diet Plan Consistently

Any diet idea or plan that you use should always be used consistently. It takes time and effort to make a change. Losing weight does not happen overnight. If you want to try to lose weight using the plant based diet idea stick to the plan for results. Pounds come off a little bit at a time. Your body will gradually adapt to your new eating habits and lifestyle. This is what makes the plant based whole foods diet one of the best diet plans.

It is so effective because it becomes a way of life. You choose different foods and different eating habits that are healthy. The results are long lasting because the changes you make are long lasting. After a few weeks of using this diet plan it becomes a normal routine way of life rather than a diet. The weight will gradually come off and will keep coming off so long as you stick to your new habits. Phiysical activity is also a huge key factor in losing weight, regardless of what diet plan you choose.

Being Active Is A Key Factor In Losing Weight

You will also need to be active. Physical activity will help you to lose weight along with making healthy eating choices. Physical activity doesn’t have to mean having a strict, exhausting exercise routine. Physical activity should start off gradually and you should work yourself up to doing more and more each day.

Begin by doing a simple task such as picking up a room in your house. Work yourself up to going for a walk. At first it may be difficult There will be times where you have to motivate yourself. Write down everything you do as a way to track your progress. Look back after a week and strive to do better in the coming week.

Plant based Foods Are Nutritious

Plants are full of nutrition. They contain many vitamins and minerals that leave you feeling energized and healthy. Plants contain only things that are good for you whereas meat contains harmful fats. Fruits, vegetables, and grains do not. When you stop eating many of the fatty meats, and animal products you will see an incredible difference in how you feel and in how you look.

How Much Can I Eat?

The good thing about the plant-based diet is you can eat all of the fruits and vegetables that you want. If you want another apple you can go for it. It can only be good for you. Another serving of vegetables at dinner? Sure, go ahead just limit how much butter you use and make sure it’s a low fat variety. You will still be able to lose weight because eating an apple has never made anyone fat. Neither have green beans. It’s like that with all foods that are plants.

You do not have to have tiny servings of things like salad. You can choose from processed plant-based whole foods as well. Tofu, for example, is delicious, plant-based, and effective at helping you to lose weight. Legumes, seeds, and nuts are healthy and high in protein. You do not have to cut back serving sizes of foods like these just be careful what you add to them for flavoring as things like butter, dressing, and other toppings do contain those fats and empty calories.

Your Health Will Greatly Improve and You Will Feel GREAT!

Losing weight in itself is effective at bringing relief to many health conditions. Many health problems are caused by both obesity and improper diet. So much of the world suffers from obestity. It has become an epidemic in itself. The plant-based diet is special when it comes to your health. It is a far healthier diet idea than any other one out there.

On top of the health benefits that you will receive from losing weight, you will also receive additional health benefits from eating healthy foods that contain so much nutrition. Your body will be full of the much needed vitamins and minerals that these foods contain. These foods revitalize you. You will feel alive again. All of your energy will come back when you start eating the foods that your body needs and stop eating the foods that are like poison to your system. Fat will turn itself into muscle. Your body craves this nutrition and requires it to function normally.

What Foods Should I Try To Avoid?

There are certain foods and drinks that are just simply no good for your body. They do not offer much nutritional value. These are the foods that will cause you to gain weight, especially when eaten in excess. Sugary foods and drinks may taste great but what they are doing to your body is terrible. These sugary treats contain empty calories. It is best to cut out and eliminate all things like candy, cookies, cakes, pastries, donuts, and soda.

Fruit punch is often another one that is full of sugar, not fruit. Read labels carefully when selecting snacks and drinks. Check to see just how much sugar is in every product you buy. Look at the label to see how many calories there are, how much fat is in the product, and compare it to other like products. Try to purchase low-sugar, high nutrition products. There are tons of healthy snacks out there that are high in nutrition and delicious. Always try to buy organic products that are whole, not overly processed.

Animal Products Are Allowed but Should Be Limited

Although those following the plant based diet can eat things from animals it is highly recommended to limit things like eggs, butter, cheese, and fatty types of meat. The fats in these foods are the kinds that accumulate and store in your body. If these foods are consumed often and in over sized amounts they will cause weight gain and a variety of other health problems. Beef, pork, etc. should be grass fed. Seafood should always be fresh or frozen. Try to go as natural as you can when selecting animal products to consume.



Whole grain toast with real fruit spread

-1 orange or other piece of fruit

-1 egg with a tiny bit of butter and shredded cheese

-Tea, coffee, juice or milk

-Before lunch snack

-Whole grain crackers with avacodo dip

-Carrot sticks


-A garden salad with limited dressing

-Apple slices or another fruit

-An ounce of seafood

-Small serving of cottage cheese or yogurt

-Afternoon snack

-Trailmix of nuts and dried fruit


-Poultry, baked not fried

-Steamed vegatables

-Potatoes with limited butter and gravy

-Rice with natural herbs and seasonings for flavor

Bedtime Snack…

-Organic salsa with corn tortilla chips

The Bottom Line About Using The Plant Based Diet Plan

The plant based diet is an exceptional way to lose weight, and to get healthy. You will find that you will feel so much better all the way around after using this diet plan for just a few weeks. Always remember that physical activity plays a huge part in helping you to lose unwanted weight. Without physical activity no diet plan will work for you. Keep track of the meals you eat, the times you are physically active in a journal.

Weigh yourself weekly, not daily. Each week review your progress. Reults take time and effort. If you use this diet plan consistently it will become a way of life. Your progress will become apparent as you begin to look and feel better than you have in a long time. Everything we do takes time, and hard work. Keep at it and be gentle with yourself. Millions of people are facing the same challenge of losing weight right along side you. It’s all about making good healthy choices when it comes to eating. Good luck and take care!

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