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However, not all flavors of pop tarts vegan. To avoid making you feel bad about your cravings, the creators of your favorite childhood food made sure to do their best. There’s little doubt that you’ve matured into a grownup who cares about the environment, yet your kind words to our modest mother earth have resulted in some tasty treats.

pop tarts vegan.

Pop tarts

It all started with just four flavors, but now pop tarts are available in a dizzying array of flavors, each of which has a dedicated fan base. As a vegan pop tart, you may not be able to eat your favorite homemade vegan pop tarts from your childhood because of the non-vegan ingredients in some of the most popular varieties. Whether or not vegan pop tart are vegan is the subject of the following discussion.

Pop tarts

Vegan pop tarts with brown sugar cinnamon.

The frosted pop tarts on this Brown Sugar Cinnamon pop tarts contains gelatin. To make gelatin, animal bones, cartilage, and skin are heated for an extended period of time in order to extract the gelatinous material. We’re just as repulsed by this as you are. I don’t recommend this flavor.

Dairy whey, gelatin, milk and egg whites are included in the S’more flavoring. A vegan’s diet does not include any dairy products. Pop Tart Egg whites, no way! These dairy industries are cruel to both humans and cows, and we are a group of people who care about the welfare of both.

  • A gelatin-frosted hot fudge sundae is on the menu. And vegans aren’t interested in anything that causes them pain.
  • Dairy whey, milk, egg whites, and gelatin are found in this flavor. Next!
  • There is whey and gelatin in Vanilla Milkshake, which is a pity.
  • They don’t know how to create fudge without dairy whey, gelatin, and egg whites!!
  • Like all other chocolate flavors, gelatin chocolate fudge whey this cookie dough contains dairy milk, gelatin, and egg whites.
  • They might have used vegan pop tart milk, but this flavor also contains dairy milk.
  • Dairy cream and whey are used in the manufacture of this flavor.
  • For the strawberry flavor, they used gelatin!
  • Cherry: I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to eat meat Gelatin is used in both of these dishes.

Unfrosted Strawberry and unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon

A few ingredients in this widely accepted as Vegan Pop-Tarts may be troublesome to stricter vegans with a broader view.

Unfrosted Strawberry and unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon for the ones who can’t get enough of sweets.

According to Kellogg’s, these Pop-Tarts have a delectable strawberry filling smack dab in the midst of a golden, frosting-free crust, proving once again that it’s all about what’s inside.

As an adult, you may not be able to handle the sweetness of the frosted strawberry vegan flavors that you savored as a child.

You may have begged your mom for an extra of these pastries while lying on the ground in a supermarket aisle, but now you need to hurry to the nearest store and buy a pack of these extremely delicious pink pastries.

We’ve included all the components in this flavorful concoction so that you may determine which ones best fit your personal preferences.

Unfrosted Blueberry

Blueberry is the natural choice when you’ve had enough of chocolate and strawberries.

In contrast to the frosted Blueberry Pop-Tart, which employs gelatin to produce that lovely frosting, the unfrosted pop tart flavors comes with a rich interior filling of your preferred juicy berries to give your best day’s start a fresh boost.

Unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon, for those who never want to get tired of the pop tart flavors.


This breakfast staple is reminiscent of the butter-brown sugar toasts you ate as a kid. Warming these pie crust in a toaster for a minute makes them easy to eat with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night. Despite the fact that some individuals consider this flavor to be their favorite, it’s a flavor that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Do we have vegan pop tarts?

Vegans who don’t tolerate any environmental or animal sacrifice will scrutinize these Pop Tarts because of ingredients like Palm oil, artificial colors, and natural pop tart flavours.

Palm oil

Palm oil is derived from plants, yet the environmental impacts of its production are not pop tarts vegan. These huge farms offer ethical, environmental, and socioeconomic concerns that make it a problematic ingredient in our everyday lazy snacking.

The loss of habitat for wild animals as a result of indiscriminate and large-scale cutting of rainforests puts their survival at risk. In the lush, evergreen rainforests of the past, these desperate animals could easily find food and shelter. Many wild creatures have been added to the endangered species list as a result of this.

For the health and well-being of our planet, tropical rainforests are an absolute must. There are dire consequences to their calamitous deforestation.

Palm plantations release methane to the atmosphere in addition to destroying a number of trees.

Palm oil production is a social and ethical slog for bound employees. These fields of cruelty are a constant source of exhaustion for laborers who are barely nourished and have no access to human rights.

Artificial Colors

The use of artificial colors is controversial because they necessitate the exploitation of animals for testing. Additionally, they need to be evaluated on a regular basis because they could have a negative impact on human well-being.

Natural Flavors

Pop Tarts Unfrosted Blueberry flavor is made with natural ingredients. Natural flavors can be obtained from plants, however this is not always the case. It can also be gotten from any animal source. Vegans are skeptical because of this.

To recapture your childhood fantasies, you don’t have to rely on the greedy capitalists who make these toys in pop tarts. To help you make your own berry-filled Pop tarts at home, we’ve provided a simple recipe.


  • a pound and a half of flour
  • a dash of sodium bicarbonate
  • Cold vegan butter, a third of a cup
  • Drinking water that is ice cold, around two to four tablespoons
  • Mix frozen mixed berries into one cup of water.
  • For the icing, use one tablespoon of raw sugar.
  • A vanilla-flavored glaze


Step 1:

Preheat the oven up to 375 degrees. Line your baking sheet with parchment paper.

Step 2:

Cook the berries for 5 to 8 minutes at medium heat, covered, until they burst open. Smash the berries occasionally with a spoon and add a few teaspoons of sugar if you desire extra sweetness. We recommend you to add one tablespoon of raw sugar. Then put this down to cool.

Step 3:

Mix the flour and the salt in a large basin and then cut in butter with a fork or by using a pastry cutter.

Step 4:

Sprinkle ice cold water over the mixture and thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon until a dough is formed. Add two to three or even five tablespoons of cold water, as per our recommendations. The objective is to get the dough moist enough to turn it into a ball that doesn’t feel too sticky during kneading. In case it gets too wet, add extra dough.

Step 5:

Spread flour on a flat surface and then spread the dough in the form of a disk by using a rolling pin to flatten it into a large rectangular shape. Rolling the dough will be easier and the cracking will be reduced if the surface is covered with plastic sheet wrap.

Step 6:

Cut 12 equal-sized squares off the baking sheet and gently arrange them on the baking sheet.

Step 7:

Add about 1 tablespoon of the berry filling on top of half of the cut squares while allowing a little (about one-fourth) extra border at the corners to seal. Put another square on top and seal the edges with your finger while sprinkling water over the sides. To lightly seal the matching squares together, you can alternatively use a fork.

Step 8:

On the top of each pair of squares, puncture tiny holes and add a dab of pop tarts vegan butter on the top. Raw sugar can be sprinkled on top of the square if desired.

Step 9:

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until the crusts turn golden brown.

Step 10:

Let this cool down for a few minutes and then decorate with vanilla glaze if you prefer sweeter pop tarts.


This easy Pop Tarts recipe is sure to brighten your weekend. ‘The Pop Tarts tasted like freedom, rebellion, and independence,’ Gilmore observed. Processed sugar and palm oil are fine to eat pop tart flavors in moderation. As a result, you’d have a wider selection of Pop Tart flavors to choose from.

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