Raw Vegan Diet Before And After


The dietary plan incorporates the concepts that function in veganism and raw foodism. The principle in veganism indicates that any meal that has anything to do with animals will not be consumed.

Also, the go raw philosophy supports consuming solely unprocessed foods that have not been cooked or have been slightly heated.

Raw vegan diet before and after.


Nutrition benefits

World dieters who belong to this plan feel that they have higher nutrition benefits than foods that have been cooked.

There are no restrictions on eating raw, uncooked, or cooking food at a very low temperature if you follow the diet’s recommendations for plant-based foods.

While sticking to the Raw Vegan Diet, you will definitely have to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, I want to offer you several tools for quickly preparing and cutting vegetable salad or fruit salad. Trust me your life will be much easier!

Raw Foods Dietary Plan Just as the principles apply in veganism, observing this dietary plan encourages the intake of plant-based meals.

A study conducted on a plant-based diet indicated that this dietary plan is cost-effective and minimizes the risk of blood pressure and has the ability to reduce body mass index.

Although some dieters focus on food plant based diet alone, some other dieters integrate uncooked eggs, uncooked fish, and meats, bread, potatoes, as well as a dairy, in minimal quantity to their diet.

Nutrition benefits

What To Eat In A Raw Diets Plan For Weight Loss?

As indicated before, when you are on this diets plan, there are restrictions on what you should and should not eat, especially if you want to lose weight.

Due to low calories, sodium, fat, and high fiber within this meal plan, a dieter whose objective is to lose weight can achieve so successfully and cant go wrong.

When following this veg diets, it is recommended that the following meals be consumed in a recipe:

  • Nutritious yeast
  • Eating seaweeds
  • Eating dried fruits
  • Eating green meal powder, such as dried wheatgrass, spinach and raw veggies mix
  • Eating dried fruits and vegetables freshly produced fruit and vegetable juices
  • Eat raw nuts and seeds
  • Eating fermented meals, including kimchi and sauerkrauts purified water, but not tap water
  • coconut milk cold-pressed olive oil or coconut oil other organic, natural state, or items that are not from food processor.

However, there are specific items that you have to avoid when you are on this plan such as meat and most carbs. You should also avoid alcohol.

All refined, pasteurized, and/or processed meals and beverages, such as table salt, pasta, quinoa, saturated fats, refined sugars and wheat, cooked or processed foods, refined oils, and alcoholic beverages like tea and coffee, should be avoided.

What To Eat In A Raw Diets Plan For Weight Loss?

Raw Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The diets plan can be as easy or a bit complex as a dieter desires it to be but delicious. However, when developing a meal plan, a dieter should strive to integrate meals and snacks that they enjoy to eat organically when hungry.

Enjoying the raw vegan meals is crucial to staying on the diet since they will motivate the person to stick at it.

Also, there must be a balance in the raw meals, which implies that whatever meal is ingested should comprise different sorts of raw meal groups.

Below is a creative raw vegan diet weight reduction strategy that a dieter may choose to embrace from these ingredients:

Breakfast snack

  • Raw blackberry chocolate cake
  • Cacao maca energizing smoothie and cauliflower
  • Breakfast berry juicing with chocolate drizzle, almonds and chia seed pudding
  • Winter glow smoothies (this is also good for summer) (this is also good for summer)
  • Green superfood smoothie and oats in the morning
  • Fresh banana pancakes with almond butter and caramel paste
  • Green smoothie made with spirulina, strawberries and mangosteen.
  • Eating raw vegan diet for extreme weight loss when hungry and rest
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Breakfast snack


  • Easy avocado salad a night
  • Fresh vegan orange juice, cucumber and figs with raw massaged kale salad
  • A bag of fresh pea, vegan mint, lemon, and avocado soup
  • Uncooked spicy dipping sauces with nori wraps and red pepper
  • Rainbow salad blend, lentils and avocados or bananas
  • Marinated mushrooms with creamy uncooked butternut raw vegan squash soup
  • 5-minute Basil pesto raw zucchini pasta
  • Broccoli with salt to taste


  • Uncooked zucchini noodles with tomato basil sauce with portobello meatless balls
  • Uncooked vegan enchiladas with cheese sauce, chunky salsa, and spicy nutmeat
  • Raw veganism zucchini and tomato lasagna, lettuce with cashew herb cheese sauce.

Raw lasagne with marinated veggies and eaten cilantro pesto tomatoes raw vegan (sun dried tomatoes) (sun-dried).

Vegan Snacks

For snacks, the dieter can take unprocessed vegan granola bar crackers, fresh banana bread energy bars, creamy chai coconut chia pudding, pistachio, and matcha truffles raw vegan.

Pecan pie bliss balls, raw vegan speculoos with fig almond crumble, or fresh ginger energy bites are also worth considering.

Anyone looking for a technique to lose weight while following a raw diet can also rotate between the lists of items above for each day.

Vegan Snacks

Health Benefits Of Raw Vegan Diet Plan

One of the possible questions that a person who would contemplate adopting this strategy may ask is whether going raw meals are healthier than cooked items.

Various health benefits can be inferred from following this meal pattern, part of which are mentioned below:

Health Benefits Of Raw Vegan Diet Plan

Improvement In The State Of Heart

By emphasizing on vegetables and fruits, which are claimed to be contributing factors to a lower risk of heart illnesses, stroke, and high blood pressure, following this diets can give one such benefit.

Studies suggest that ingesting more vegetables and fruits can help lessen a person’s risk of coronary heart disease. It also cause the brain fog to disappear.

Improvement In The State Of Heart

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

This diets comprises a substantial quantity of sprouted grains, legumes, seeds, and raw nuts that are capable of decreasing a dieter’s blood sugar levels.

A reduction in the risk of type 2 diabetics has also been linked to the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This is recommended for the sick.

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

Improvement In The Digestion Process

By consuming fruits that possess high fiber at lunch , digestion may become more comfortable.

The diet comprises both soluble fibers, which help feed healthy bacteria in human intestines and insoluble fibers.

This assist in the transportation of food through the guts, hence minimizing the likelihood of developing constipation in a positive way and helps to digest hence no worry.

Improvement In The Digestion Process

Promotion Of Weight Loss

It is an established truth that constantly ingesting fresh food can greatly lower the total fat in the body. So, how many enough calories can you expect to burn off on a raw vegan diet?

People who ate a variety of unprocessed foods shed an average of 26 pounds over the course of three and a half years and had extremely low body mass indices, according to a study.

Eating a broad variety of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis also ensures that we acquire all vitamins and minerals to strengthen our immunity and metabolism and helps in detox.

Promotion Of Weight Loss

Before and Weight Loss: Raw Vegan Diet

You’ve heard about the Raw Vegan diet, now you want to obtain some inspiration by looking at success stories and before and after transformations!

I’ve scoured the internet for some of the most inspiring raw veganism weight reduction success stories. For those of you who aren’t already, I hope these posts can persuade you to make the leap.

If you’re a vegan who wants to slim down, I hope these tired vegan recipes can help you achieve your weight loss goals and become the healthiest version of yourself possible!

Before and Weight Loss: Raw Vegan Diet

Lexi shed 60 pounds in three months

Raw vegans was the catalyst for my weight loss of 60 pounds in just three months. I ate raw vegan, largely fresh fruit with main course salads for dinner and integrated 30 minutes of exercise a day.

I got to eat more than I ever could dream and started to appreciate raw food lifestyle again.

Mae’s 30lbs lost on Raw Vegan

Mae Flowers dropped 35lbs on a Raw food Vegan diet. Her before and after photos are stunning, and in a YouTube video that we’ve embedded below, she offers some sound advise.

In addition to losing 35 pounds, Mae discovered that sticking to a Raw diets made it easier for her to keep the weight off in the long run.

Mae described her few days Raw Vegan fast, which was the latest in a long line of attempts at the lifestyle by incorporating vegan new foods in their natural state.

For weight loss, Mae said that the raw veganism diet worked well for everyone she knew, and that they all felt more energized and experienced better health as a result hence the need to go raw.

Think about it, you’ll feel lot better eating Raw fruits and vegetables. In contrast to overindulging on cooked food, it’s much simpler to eat until you’re full on an uncooked food diet.

Melissa lost 70lbs on her Raw Diet

When Melissa decided to become vegan, she decided to embark on a raw vegan meals. She wanted to be the healthiest she could.

She did go raw for the animals and environment before selecting which manner of eating she’d settle on.

Melissa tried Keto, Paleo and others but she would feel so weary when coping with such a calorie limitation. As a Raw Vegan, she no longer has to be concerned about her energy levels or weight.

She used 14 months to lose 70lbs. On average she shed avout 1-2lbs first week. First weeks she lost 3/4lbs. Melissa became Vegan for the Animals, Planet and her health.

Weight loss wasn’t the primary goal but it is of course a side consequence of improved health.

She also reminds us that it takes time to lose weight. There was a phase on the journey of around 3 months where she plateaued but the weight eventually came off.

The Instagram feed of Melissa is full with mouthwatering culinary photos, but she also offers a variety of items and resources to assist you along the way.

Melissa lost 70lbs on her Raw Diet

Before and After a raw food diet at 60

As a result of Della’s stepdaughter motivating her to take control of her health after both of them had health issues, she lost weight while also improving her overall well-being by becoming a vegan.

With a little encouragement from the Rawsome Healthy crew Della has been vegan and primarily Raw for 16 months.

She feel energised as her energy level is back to where it was when she was in her twenties. She also overcame a plethora of health issues from vegan.

86lbs lost on a Raw Vegan Diet

Watching one of Tanny’s Youtube Videos I just had to write this down…. As she discusses a burgers, pizza and how it would cause her problems given her current perfect health.

It’s obvious from her before and after photos that a Raw Vegan diet has transformed her into a much healthier person. It wouldn’t be good for her health if she loaded up the clean engine with junk!

Over the course of eight months, Tanny shed 86 pounds, and she has maintained that weight loss for more than eight years. I love her and she has a great American country accent to boot!

Victoria lost over 120lbs!!

Victoria’s weight loss has been accompanied by a noticeable improvement in the appearance of her skin. She used to weigh 250 pounds and has lost 120 pounds after vegan diet.

She’d been unwell for most of her life prior to having her gallbladder removed in November of 2006. and had also dealt with depression. After it was removed she felt considerably sicker and was unable to get out of bed.

Inspired by an infomercial she was inspired to eat organic, discard processed food. Fast food had been the mainstay of her diet up to that moment.

She became interested in uncooked meal after reading an article in a magazine. After her first day of going Raw Vegan Diet she woke up the next few days feeling more alive then she ever had in years!

Her life was transformed, and she shed over 120 pounds while following a Raw Vegan food plan. Her face before and after image is stunning.

Victoria lost over 120lbs!!

Rhiannon improved her life on the Raw Vegan Diet!

Rhiannon improved her life in 2015 when she’s going Raw Fruitarian lifestyle. After going rawhe went from a life of Bulimia, weight concerns, doubts and hopelessness to one that is alive and thriving.

Jorge Lost 32lbs!

Jorge shed 14.5kg (32lbs 2.2st) from October 2019 – April 2020! Jorge has grown a lot more flexible after his weight loss and puts it down to reduced inflammation from being vegan. Also, his complexion is radiant after eating raw.


To summarize, anyone looking to shed a few extra pounds might consider going on a raw vegan diet. However, dieters should obtain professional advice from dieticians or doctors before beginning this program to ensure they are following the proper procedures.

Supplementing a healthful diet with regular exercise is just as beneficial as dieting alone. Make use of this few hours at-home workout to get your entire body moving.

Rhiannon improved her life on the Raw Vegan Diet!
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