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According to medical and nutritional specialists, breastfeeding is the best food for a baby. But due to other factors that could limit mothers to breastfeed their babies, there are other fantastic ways of feeding babies with the composition of all components needed by babies like nutrients. In some instances, it is not always possible for a baby to get donor breast milk.

Vegan babies or infant formula has become an alternative way of feeding a baby. Most baby formula products contain cow’s milk, and other animals delivered ingredients have developed a dilemma for a parent who wants to give their vegan formula for babies product. There are many types of baby formula products that contain cow’s milk and/or other animal-derived ingredients, that may lead to a dilemma for the parents who want their babies to be plant based formulas vegan.

vegan formula for babies

This article will not focus on the debate or dilemma of vegan baby formula brands products. Still, our focus will be demonstrating facts on some of the best vegan babies formulas, reviewing the safety of infant formulas, and the impact of these formulas on vegan parents-child relationships.

Due to lack of sufficient nutrients in our body, the growth rate tends to be slower than expected. Growth at an early age and in infants is more critical than in adulthood. This call for a supplement to our food in order to have the right nutrients.

The vegan formula for babies is a well-balanced baby’s diet that has enough benefits of nutrient fostering development. A lot of baby formulas in the market are made of soy baby formulas. There is no crucial vegan formula that is 100% plant-based; this is because some of the nutrients such as vitamin b3 are manufactured from sheep wool grease cholesterol.

Component and more information of vegan baby formula

The FDA the country has set and established the normal level of nutrients necessary for healthy growth and treatment. Present company producers of all baby formula and other types either dairy or plant-based has to ensure that nutrition standard is met.

Even though most formula has the same level of nutrient vegan and dairy-free formula has other components that are different. Vegan formula has added biotin, inositol, almond and choline liquid without the restriction of rate applied while in dairy-free baby formulas foods and mineral is controlled.

The essential nutrient of any formula is regulated compared to other nonessential baby formula ingredients. Thus, choosing the right vegan formula should be influenced by the content making it. The formula should be safe and have the right nutrients.

Best Vegan baby formulas brand Enfamil’s ProSobee Soy

This is a formula that is plant-based baby formula for babies with a sensitive stomach. Babies with colic or bloat stomach show that he/she is affected by reduce this fussiness giving them vegan soy based formula should be prioritized.

This formula has omega-3 and choline that’s help brain development. It comes with flavor that add taste hence the baby will love it.

Best Vegan baby formulas brand Enfamil’s ProSobee Soy


Mininize baby gas and colic;

Regurate sensitive stomachs hence completely safe;

Has dairy free baby formula Omega-3 and choline that promote brain development;

Plant-based diets are readily available in sizes.


It’s expensive in the long run for many mothers.

Gerber Good Start Soy Infant and dairy free baby formula

This are non gmo vegan baby formula given to children of 9 months to 2 years. Its a foods formula with milk or lactose and rich protein. Assist babies suffering from dairy allergies sensitive tummies and indigestion. This human condition call for many parents to feed most vegan that are free nutritious and plant based living .

This formula has fortified main nutrients for bone health and brain development.

Its vital to know that stage one of the good start plant based formula is given to babies below 9 months, whiles stage 3 is the one given to babies from 9monts going up.

Gerber Good Start Soy Infant and dairy free baby formula


Its 100% vegan plant based formula

Dairy free baby formula has no lactose

Lactose & dairy free baby formula

100% Protein formula feed

Its organic and has essential nutrients

Dairy formula milk Improve digestion

Sustain growth from the rice protein it has


Not effective for babies under 9 months and worse for six months.

Nutrients required

Our body need carbohydrates, protein vitamin, mineral H2o and fiber. Consumption of this nutrients sometimes is not achieved from the food we eat on daily bases. Supplements are therefore used to boost the level our body needs.


This is vegan babies’ formula that supplements nutrients required by a baby in the first year of his life. It has a high level of soy protein and carbohydrate that blends well with vitamins, minerals fatty acids to help the body absorb maximum the required nutrients.

The concentration of omega DHA and omega ARA found in breast milk has a big role in the brain and eye growth and development of an infant. This baby’s formula also has iron that aids RBC development.

It is essential to note that we have lactose free baby formula in this organic-based formula extracted from soya beans has no trace chemicals nor foliar fertilizer. It has no flavor or preservative included during the formulation.



Contain iron that is essential in body development

Does not require any preservation

Has maximum omega DHA 3 and omega ARA 6


Presence of syrup solids that are indigestible reduces all the nutrients and cause soy allergy.

The factor about vegan baby formula

Research has demonstrated that vegan baby formula has been an alternative to human breastfeeding for thousands of years.

The first commercial formula was created by Justus Von Liebig around 1865. The original vegan baby formula was made with cow milk, wheat and malt flour, and potassium bicarbonate. But since then, there have been raising development and improvement of that formula.

Safety of vegan baby formula

Can vegan baby formula make a baby sick? The research has demonstrated a decline in the percentage of breastfeeding mothers, which has decreased from 90 percent in the 20th century up to 42 percent in the 21st century.

Research has also refilled some emerging warnings about the potential dangers of feeding babies with vegan formula. This implies that manufacturer post all concern and reviews on their website for informational purposes to interested family, physician and other manufacturers.

Some of the outcomes create a strong relationship between feeding formula and some cases of childhood like obesity, diabetes, and atopy, but this research talk of skeptical, lack fact and evidence that demonstrate how feeding formula is related to the risk listed above.

Some scientific literature also refilled that breastfeeding can lower the risk of obesity to the child later in life. So, there is no clear evidence of the correlation of formula feeding with any risk. Also, the scientific literature that refills that breastfeeding can lower the risk of obesity failed because it lacks a confounding factor. There are confusion studies and switching features means regulations has to be subject of definition.

Safety of vegan baby formula

Impact of these formulas on the parent-child relationship.

Whether you are feeding your baby with vegan baby formula or breastfeeding them, there is no reason to worry because what matters is your love and affection for your child. So, vegan baby formula product does not correlate with parent and child relationship.

How important is DHA?

DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid, an omega-three fatty acid naturally found in human breast milk. The omega-3 fatty acid is important to the healthy development of the eye and brain, and that is why DHA is added to infant formula, even if the FDA does not require it.

What to look for vegan baby formula?

All vegan baby formula has strict nutrition standards that they must meet to be considered safe and nutritionally complete.

Through Food and Drug Administration (FDA) board, the US government has established a minimum required level for all essential nutrients that a baby would require for healthy development. Some of these nutrients include; protein, Vitamins D, calcium, and many more.

Why syrup is added to baby formula?

Corn syrup solids added in infants’ babies’ formula have calories that enable kids to have a continua’s growth. Scientific research done has not yet concluded if the maximum use of formulas has prevailing term effects.

In the market, all vegan baby formula brands except Similac have no non-natural growth hormones. Similac has no corn syrup nor does it have palm olein oil.

Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Formula

Despite infant formulas being a key source of nutrients, there are some of the ingredients added that need to be controlled or rather avoided. Below are some of them, that should be checked Corn syrup with high fructose Non-natural sugars that act as sweeteners to formula feed.

DHA and ARA processed using neurotoxin and soluble hexane. This component has no benefit to newborn.

Difference between Maltodextrin and Corn syrup solids.

This two-ingredient or enzyme added to vegans’ formula feeds has no big difference, on the contrary, the one main difference is derived from the sugar content each has. The point to note is that after the hydrolysis process corn syrup solids are left with more than 20% sugar level while the maltodextrin is left with less than 20%.

Why syrup is added to baby formula?

Reasons Why High-Fructose Corn Syrup harmful

  • Increase chances of fatty acid liver diseases;
  • High consumption leads to diabetes;
  • Has no beneficial nutrients that baby most vegan parent wants;
  • Add genetic fructose to infant diet and vegan lifestyle;
  • Escalate the risk of obesity;
  • Interfere with weight body mass index.

Homemade Vegan Formula Recipe

Sometimes buying vegan infant formula can be expensive in the long run. Making one at home can be cheap though engaging. To make this baby food one make sure the below ingredients in toddler formula achieve the nutrition level required. Recipes and content of dairy-based formulas

  • Vitamin D;
  • Vitamin B12;
  • Calcium;
  • Protein;
  • Zinc;
  • Iron;
  • Omega- 3.

Best vegan baby formula supplementing breast milk and donor milk

Neocate Infant with DHA and ARA.

It is a hypoallergenic formula made without soy, nutritionally complete, and dha fortified formula with DHA and ARA. In addition, it is an elemental formula that contains nucleotides that is naturally in breast milk.

Also, it is the only hypoallergenic formula that doesn’t contain soy oil. Its ingredient is certified, and from its review, many vegan parents have reported that it has helped their fussy babies stop spitting up their food and has improved the skin condition of their babies.

So if you like vegan baby formula that is soy-free, contains DHA and ARA, help with an allergic skin condition, supports digestion, and reduces spit-up, Neocate infant formula with DHA and ARA is your mother choice.

Baby only organic soy formula.

It is an organic soy formula specifically made for a toddler in families and friends. It is made without GMO ingredient, and it is the only best option of soy formula in the market that don’t contain corn syrup sucrose carbohydrates proteins.

It is intended for babies of 1 year or older toddlers as certified by healthcare professionals.

Bay only organic soy formula is one of the best nutritional choices for continuation. It assured a strong growth recommended model after the first year of breastfeeding or formula feeding.

Toddlers tend to like its taste, and according to its university review majority of the parent have seen an improvement in digestion and skin issues.

So baby only organic soy based formulas has no corn syrup; it is organic. It has no GMO ingredients, toddlers like its taste, and improves digestion and clears up skin issues caused by food allergies.

Endamil prosobee soy based infant formula.

Soy baby formula is suitable for a baby with a sensitive stomach. According to its review, most of the parent that uses it report that they like the way it mixes with water, which produces a completely smooth and clump-free formula that won’t clog in the bottle. And don’t contain GMO ingredients and many others.

Gerber good start soy, stage 3.

It is made without GMOs, option for infant formulas and toddlers of nine months old and above. It contains calcium, iron, Vitamin D, choline, and other important nutrients required for the baby to be healthy.

It is a non-GMO ingredient, suitable for babies of nine-month and above; it has better tasting than other soy formulas and improves digestion eye development.

Similac soy isomil.

It helps release fussiness, constipation, gas, excessive spit-up, diarrhea, and slow weight gain for babies age 12 months and above who have a sensitive stomach.

Its drawbacks are that it is not made from organic or non-gmo ingredients soy and is difficult to mix. strictly regulated

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Choosing Vegan baby formula is the best gift you can give your baby. It has all the micronutrients. getting a 100% vegan based baby formula is unattainable for newborns, generally choosing the most friendly animal products can reduce the negative effect this vegan baby formulas bring.

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