Vegan Winter Boots

Top vegan shoes

When making the switch to a more environmentally friendly way of living, finding a good pair of vegan winter boots can be a real challenge. Genuine vegan  leather boots lined with shearling and stuffed with fur are available from most high-end brands.

In addition, the adhesive used to attach the various sections of the winter boots is made from animal products. Methane, which has a warming potential 28 times greater than carbon dioxide, is a major contributor to the manufacturing of leather.

Vegan winter boots guide

Many firms now offer certified vegan cruelty-free products as more and more consumers are looking for the top vegan clothing brands and sustainable shoe brands.

I’ve discovered a number of vegan winter boot manufacturers that produce 100% vegan snow boots that are both trendy and warm and dry during the cold winter months. 

This reusable cotton bag is great for shopping at the store or storing fruits and vegetables at home both winter and summer. It is environmentally friendly, completely food safe and does not contain any waste.

Vegan winter boot brands

Keep reading to learn about the best vegan winter boot manufacturers that will help you shift to a more sustainable lifestyle and boost your appearance. 

Keep reading to learn about the best vegan winter boot manufacturers that will help you shift to a more sustainable lifestyle and boost your appearance. 

Vegan women’s winter boots

Vegan women’s winter boots from Jambu . Jambu are as comfortable and high-quality as any high-end brand’s. Affordability and high standards of cruelty-free sourcing are the hallmarks of these vegan boots.

Founded in 2010, Jambu is a forward-thinking footwear brand that aims to provide adventurous people with high-quality footwear.

Vegan winter boots brands

It’s no wonder that they have some of the most stylish vegan snow boots because the brand was founded on the philosophy that comfort should never be compromised for style.

In addition to being cruelty-free, their shoes with an outdoor theme feature high-end fashion aspects.

With their unique designs and no animal components, the vegan winter shoes offer exceptional comfort and durability at a reasonable price point.

I tried their All-Terra outsole with memory foam footbed vegan boots, and they have an excellent grip.

Best vegan winter boots


Fashionable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly shoes are the goals of VIVAIA, a high-end women’s footwear brand.

It’s true that not all of their vegan boots are making quality vegan boots, but they are nonetheless cozy and safe to wear in light snow.

What I appreciate most about this company’s environmentally friendly footwear is that they use discarded PET bottles from the ocean and 3D printing to manufacture vegan women’s boots and other footwear in a zero-waste method.

As a further environmental benefit, all of the packaging boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard with no artificial colors.

VIVAIA’s winter boots

Always examine the materials before purchasing because some of VIVAIA’s winter boots are wool-based! There are new designs every season and year, so you can always come back next year and see what they have.

In order to make a positive impact on the globe, the brand focuses on making luxurious footwear that is both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Native footwear

Native Shoes was founded with the goal of improving the state of the world. The brand’s vegan winter boots are perfect for the cold and wet months because they are constructed entirely of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

Founded in Canada, Native Shoes has a wide selection of fashionable, water-resistant best vegan winter boots for men and women.

PETA has verified that each and every pair of Native shoes is vegan-friendly. Additionally, they are all designed to be worn by either men or women.

The boots are made at an ethical factory where there is no forced labor and workers are paid a regular wage and have regular working hours.

With faux fur inside and a waterproof design, these elegant vegan shoes keep your feet warm and stylish in the cold weather. They can be cleaned by hand and are odor resistant thanks to their EVA cushioning.

By the year 2023, Native Shoes hopes to have each pair of shoes completely repurposed.

As a result of the company’s strict no-animal-by-product policy, the best vegan shoes on the market are made without the use of a single hair or hide from an animal.

The North Face

The North Face specializes in outdoor sports clothing and sportswear for the outdoorsman. All of our goods are made with eco-friendly, sustainably sourced materials.

Recycled PET ripstop is used in the construction of the ThermoBall vegan boots.

The North Face was founded in 1966, and since then, the company has been committed to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly methods.

Women’s vegan winter boots and men’s vegan boots with ThermoBall Eco insulation are both available from the firm.

The ThermoBall range is your best chance for vegan winter shoes, however not all of this line is vegan, so check the materials.

Lightweight, water-resistant, and outfitted with cutting-edge technology, our collection of vegan winter boots is sure to keep your feet toasty and dry.

Recycled PET ripstop material with Oso fleece inside provides comfort, and all of the footbeds are built with 5% recycled rubber for better traction…

It’s a good assumption that The North Face is one of the greatest recycled apparel businesses that also makes shoes. Additionally, the ThermoBall range is completely vegan because to the synthetic-based glue used to link the pieces.

Dr. Martens

People and the environment are Dr. Marten’s top priorities. As a result, they use sustainable synthetic materials to manufacture vegan leather boots.

They are boots that appeal to those who have their own individual style, but also have a common belief and stand for something.

Many people enjoy wearing their certified synthetic vegan leather boots during the frigid winter months.

Dr. Martens boots

Because Dr. Martens boots do not have a fleece lining, you’ll want to wear thick, comfy socks with these.

Slip-resistant and abrasion-resistant, the winter boots for vegans are ideal for the season. These are some of Dr. Martens’ most popular veganboots, including the Vegan 1460, the Vegan 2976 Chelsea Boots, and the Vegan 1460 Goldmix Boots.

Hunter boots

Hunter’s  Natural rubber is used in the production of these veganboots. When Hunter’s was founded in 1856, it was known for its long rain boots and comfortable waterproof vegan shoes.

With a strong history of invention of vegan materials, this British boot company has designed boots that protect from the weather and perform well on a wide range of terrain while remaining environmentally friendly.

Vegan boots

With 278 certified vegan products, Hunter’s includes recycled backpacks and winter boots. The majority of Hunter’s vegan boots are clearly labeled as “vegan certified” on the company’s website.

Crafted from waterproof rubber, the vegan boots are designed to keep your feet warm and dry in the frigid weather. In addition, Hunter has a wide variety of unusual presents for outdoorsy individuals under $50 and cruelty free winter boots.

Xero Shoes

Natural and ethically sourced materials are used to make Xero Shoes’ vegan boots, which are both comfortable and stylish.

Steven and Lena developed the Xero Shoes company in order to provide the perfect footwear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Natural and ethically sourced materials are used to manufacture some of the best vegan boots for winter and trekking.

Xero Shoes’ vegan quality vegan fabrics are lightweight and barefoot-inspired, which means they fold up even more compactly. In addition to the water-resistant canvas upper and flannel lining, these boots also feature a fashionable poly-wool blend collar.

Koi Footwear

Koi Footwear is a trend maker in women’s fashion footwear. Ethically sourced and vegan-friendly materials are used in the brand’s shoes, which are manufactured in a safe manner.

One of the most popular vegan shoe brands in the UK is Koi Footwear.

The brand has a strong presence on social media and in the eco-friendly community in order to attract new customers.

High-quality vegan boots are available from the PETA-approved manufacturer Koi Footwear. There are no animal products used in any of their shoes, and they collaborate with a climate action organization called One Tribe.

The boots are composed of animal-friendly and cruelty-free premium synthetic vegan leathers, high-quality trims and finishes, and conform to demanding standards of quality control.

Some amazing styles are available at Koi Footwear, including designs from their own brand as well as from a number of other designers.

Matt + Nat

The Matt + Nat brand tries out a variety of vegan leathers in order to create their goods. You can keep your feet toasty in the chilly weather by wearing vegan micro-suede boots.

This popular vegan business is known for its luxurious purses that look and feel just like vegan leather. Because of their inspiration from MAT(T)erial and NAture, Matt + Nat was born in 1995 in Canada!

An environmentalist who was inspired to create a sustainable and eco-friendly line of vegan products was the driving force behind the creation of this brand.

Rubber, cork, nylon, and recycled plastic bottles are just some of the materials the brand uses to produce its products.

Recycled PET bottles are now used to make most products and the vegan boots feel and look like real leather boots.

Among eco-friendly apparel businesses, Matt + Nat is one of the most cheap. Additionally, Matt + Nat has some of the best vegan winter coats on the market.

Noah Shoes

Noah Shoes is an Italian vegan shoe company that specializes in high-quality, handcrafted, and long-lasting shoes created in Italy.

With a high recycled content, the vegan winter shoes are comprised of ecological and resource-saving materials.

Noah Shoes was founded in 2009 and specializes in stylish, vegan shoes. To ensure fair wages and working conditions, each Noah shoe is made by hand in Italy.

The primary goal of the firm is to provide high-quality, Italian-inspired shoes that are both environmentally and animal-friendly.

High-quality and fashionable, many of these shoes even seem like real leather!

Using materials such as linen, cotton, natural latex rubber and kenaf, as well as faux fur, the vegan boots are made to keep you warm and are completely vegan.

So it’s no surprise that my favorite vegan winter boot brand is Noah Shoes!


Columbia produces vegan products and manages its natural resources in a responsible manner because it cares about the environment and all of its residents.

They develop new items that allow people to enjoy the great outdoors for extended periods of time.

Columbia is an outdoor clothing company that uses cutting-edge technology to provide high-performance gear for the active lifestyle. They are good vegan hiking boots.

With OMNI-Heat technology, the brand produces high-quality, vegan winter boots.

Journee Collection

In celebration of body positivity and self-acceptance, Journee Collection creates shoes that are both comfortable and adaptable.

Ethically sourced vegan leather is used to make the winter boots. Journee Collection, which was founded in 2001, began selling women’s dresses, blouses, tops, outerwear, and, later, shoes.

The brand’s mission is to instill self-confidence in women via the creation of unique looks.


Sorel Sorel is committed to ethical and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques. Animal-free and cruelty-free materials are used in the brand’s vegan winter boots.

Sorel was founded in 1962 and specializes in all-weather footwear. For both men and women, the brand produces incredibly warm, high-quality, and sustainable vegan boots.

Sorel, on the other hand, has a few vegan-friendly alternatives, including some excellent water-resistant vegan footwear.

The moon boot-style Snowlion boot is one of my favorites, but the 1964 CVS boot and canvas duck boot are also excellent options.

The vegan duck boots are a pair of canvas and rubber boots that are both comfy and long-lasting.

Sorel winter boots are designed to be waterproof with seams sealed to keep out rain and snow, so you can be confident that your feet will be kept warm and dry no matter the weather.

Despite the fact that Sorel has a number of vegan-friendly winter boots, the brand is unable to guarantee that the adhesive used in their shoes is safe.

For those who can’t live without it, we recommend you look elsewhere on this list.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

It is a vegan shoe manufacturer that employs natural and recycled materials to make winter shoes as well as all other footwear, such as sandals and boots.

Vegan shoes for both men and women have been made by Will’s Vegan Shoes since 2013.

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegan shoe company Vegetarian Shoes creates footwear free of animal testing and cruelty.

The greatest imitation leather vegan winter boots for men and women are available from this forward-thinking shoe brand.

Brighton, UK-based Vegetarian Shoes was founded in 1990 and has since grown to be one of the world’s most well-known vegan shoe businesses.

Do not be mislead by the name, they are a vegan shoe company that does not use any animal products in the production of their footwear.

High-quality footwear created in Spain and Portugal is offered by this forward-thinking shoe firm to the vegan community as well as the general public.

Vegan brand

Vegetarian Shoes’ warm vegan winter boots have spiky ice cleats to keep the feet steady in the snow and transfer well to indoor surfaces.

Vegan shoe companies and vegan store are eco friendly materials and synthetic leather.

The elegant shoes include rapid lacers and are a bit larger so you may wear thick thermal socks to offer extra warmth. They are simple, sleek, and ready for the winter.

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